Fly Gelein

Ever since 2014, we offer our clients the option to fly along with our shipment from Colombia. It is expected that we will also implement this option for flights from Ecuador. The trend has developed to buy as directly as possible from the source and to be in contact with the producer both nationally and internationally.

This has been a great development, which makes it possible for the Colombian producers to offer custom made products. In this way, the final customer gets exactly what they want. Also, one is better informed about the latest trends and developments of the production side of the market. In case there already is contact with producers in Colombia, it will be very interesting to fly together with GSI. Among other things, you will benefit from our low freight rates, our knowledge and especially the lower costs in Colombia and here in the Netherlands (Schiphol).

Have you always imported by yourself and is it less than +/- 40 packages, than you can save up to 40%. Are you interested? Feel free to send an e-mail to and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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